Some Spotify Music Features You May Find Interesting

The Swedish music streaming company is working constantly to provide users a good platform where they can stream music anytime and with a lot of options in genres worldwide. Due to a very large user base, many new artists also wish to upload their new songs on this platform to gain popularity in the shortest span of time. For people who are working on this platform, there are some easy as well to be popular in the shortest time possible. Those artists can buy genuine Spotify Monthly Listeners from websites and increase their listeners and get more popular among people. Apart from these services, there are some very cool features that you may find interesting in this application, here are some of those features.

Add Spotify Music To Google Maps

One of the greatest features of Spotify is that you can operate this music streaming application from a mapping application of your choice like Google maps or Waze. This feature allows you to close your Spotify application while you are using the map application while driving your vehicle. You can control your audio tunes from the mapping app while you are driving for the settings. For Google Maps, you can go to the settings and then go to the navigation settings, and then you have to choose the show media playback controls option on your android devices and navigation and music playback controls if you have an iOS device.

Mute The Artists You Don’t Wanna Listen To

This feature is only exclusive to iOS devices and you cannot enjoy this extra feature if you have an android device. Spotify suggests the songs, playlist, and artist based on your search and algorithms of the application. But, if you are not interested in listening to a particular artist you can mute that artist easily and that artist will not be shown on your feed anymore. You can make this feature work in real life by going to the artist page and tapping the menu button and then you can tap on ‘Do not play this artist option’. If you wanna listen to it in the future, you can unite the artist from the same button.

Find Out Live Performances Near Your Location

There are many people who love to go out and enjoy their favorite artists in live concerts. Spotify helps those people by giving them a notification that your favorite artist’s live concert is going on nearby and you can go and enjoy the live performances. You can enable this feature by going to the settings and then scrolling down to the notifications option. After that, you will find an option for concert notifications bit, turn it on for your favorite artist and you will be notified by the application or by email.

Share Your Music With A QR Code

This is a great feature where you can suggest to your friends or anyone some good playlists or single music tracks. In the application, there is a floating sound wave that goes beneath the song, artist, playlist, or any album. That wave acts as a QR code for sharing your best music with anyone anytime.  You can do it by tapping on the search button and then you have to open the camera which is on the top right side of your screen and then you can use this feature easily. You won’t know about your friend’s taste in music by this feature.

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