How Art Promotes Eco Friendly Behaviour?

As we all know that our ecosystem is affected and it is getting worse with every day passing. All the nations are taking measures and remedies to solve this “Global Issue” but it is not enough. We all heard that ozone layer is depleting at a very fast rate and that is why we are experiencing more heat waves every year which is not only affecting our surrounding but the ice is also melting in regions like greenland which is a very big issue. We are aware of all these situations yet we are not giving our full effort to stop this calamity.

Our Environment has given us beautiful rivers, mountains and green lands to live and we are constantly destroying all the beauty of nature. We have to be more aware about the climate changes and changing atmosphere. By developing more and by applying more creative measure to stop this devastation will definitely help our earth to regain its natural beauty.

Art And Craft has been working from a long time promoting and creating eco friendly behaviour. Many artisans and artists have created paintings to address this issue which can be seen in many art galleries. They conveyed this idea through their paintings which became very popular but still there are many people who never understood the real meaning and message behind the paintings. Paintings are very powerful for depicting the current situation on global warming, bright use of colour can attract anyone and you can easily convey your message without even speaking a word.

When we talk about craft we think or raw materials that are used to create a beautiful craft design. But not only this craft uses the waste material which is left while making some other things and craftsmen use them to deliver us a valuable product made up of waste materials and this is how they promote eco friendly behaviour. Pollution created by waste can be controlled by recycling them in making out new and useful products. You just need an artistic mind to see what you can make useful from waste or left behind products.

Art and Craft is now promoting the use of “Digital World” as in the coming time everything will be digital and it is necessary to save our environment from further pollution and degradation. You can see art and crafty online through website and make a purchase online while sitting at home. It is saving your time and effort and your travelling expenses are saved here. You will not burn fuel for going out on purchasing it from somewhere you can buy them sitting at home.

Art and Craft has helped saving our environment and it is still helping in many ways just to promote environment friendly techniques which will save our resources. We all should use eco friendly techniques to save our environment and make it cleaner and more green.

Experience Art Everywhere In Your Daily Life

Art is everywhere and everything you use or you see has some art element into it. From riding a bicycle to purchasing something valuable for our special ones we can see and feel art. Art is not only making something out of waste materials it is a way we are expressing our emotions and intentions. The way we live our life on a daily basis involved different types of art. 

Art is mistaken to be something which is only taught in schools and institutions but that is a different thing. Making something useful and purposeful from waste resources is “Craft” and the way of making them the creative mindset is called “Art”. This is the basic difference between these two terms and they both have their own existence and meaning. Do not get confused between these two terms considering them the same. 

You daily life routine is not filled will craft but you are artistic in some or the other manner like the way a person rides a bicycle can be a bit different from other, for some other people it is a bit odd but for someone it is his or her comfort zone. This is a simple example just to show you how different we all are from others and how different is our mindset for any random situation or work. 

When you go out to work somewhere you will see many employees just like you working in the same department but you can see the working pattern of different individuals is different from others. Some people find an easy task very difficult but the same person creative mind can work in some difficult situation while others are struggling to work this person finds it quite easy. This is a very common thing and it all depends on the human mind and its creativity, when you experience something more often you are most likely to find that topic more easy and relevant for you while others who don’t have experience in that situation will find it difficult. Your mind can easily create more ideas to the situation you are aware of, this is a type of art and creativity your mind develops while you see something more often in your daily life.

Suppose two individuals are playing games on playstation but one of them is beating the other every time why? This is simply because his mind is more creative and artistic in creating more techniques and tricks to beat the other person. You have to look into things with more opportunities you can make from it. Options can be created if you are creative enough to look and analyse the scene properly. If the one person is beating the other every time it means the second person is less artistic in this field maybe if he plays some other game he can beat the other with ease. This is how you can see art while even playing games with your friends.

Art is everywhere, you just need to explore it and make yourself more creative by thinking of possibilities in every situation. Daily life is filled with art and you are actually doing it without knowing.

Art And Artisans

Artists and Artisans remodel base materials into objects of beauty, utility and delight. whether or not the alchemists of previous turning base metal into gold could be a literal truth or an image continues to be debated, however there’s little question whatsoever regarding the transformative power of artists and artisans.

For millennia, potters have taken a lump of normal clay and discovered its extraordinary ability to be a pot of pure visual pleasure also as a vessel to fulfil everyday functions of holding water and wine, food and flowers.

Similarly, painters take pigments of red, blue and yellow of no nice distinction, and place them in a very pot or paper, on a wall or a canvas, and that we witness the emergence of an excellent work, be it folk art or creation.

Materials utilized by the huge range of potters, painters, sculptors and basket manufacturers are usually cheap, natural and regionally accessible.

It is the ability of patience and observe, the ability of imagination and endurance, the ability of our own hands, feet and voice, the ability of the human spirit that transforms willow wands into baskets, stone into sculptures, wood into wardrobes, sounds into songs and words into poems. the enjoyment of it all is that we are all potential alchemists. we are all capable of turning into artists and artisans.

As the maker transforms clay into a pot, the clay transforms the maker into a potter. The capability of clay to remodel normal and unformed humans into evolved and self-realised sages like Bernard Leach and Lucie Rie is unquestionable. If there was no clay there would be no Cardew, if there was no paper or color purple there would be no Pablo Picasso, if there have been no flowers there would be no Vincent van Gogh or Georgia O’Keeffe. because the creator is an intellect remodeling the normal into the extraordinary, so too will the fabric originate the metamorphosis of the maker.

I have used the terms ‘artists’ and ‘artisans’ along, as I have used ‘folk art’ and ‘fine art’, as a result of all artisans are artists, as all artists are skilled  in their crafts. the excellence between arts and crafts is dissentious and uncomplimentary. Arts and crafts are identical twins: they belong along. Henry Moore was no less a craftsperson than Lucie Rie, and Lucie Rie was no less a creator than Henry Moore.

Being a creative person or craftsman isn’t a hobby: it’s a resource. Moreover, a craft economy could be a really property and resilient economy; so, a peace economy. the earlier we embrace the humanities and crafts as an integral part of our daily lives, the earlier we are going to be ready to address the economic, environmental and religious problems with our time. the commercial economy may be a growth economy – ne’er enough and never happy – whereas the craft economy is a recreation economy – forever active and always joyful.

The way to a consummated life is thru the humanities and crafts. They lead us out of consumerism. The apply of arts and crafts may be a religious practice through that we honour the fabric world, and whereas we do this we develop a way of beauty and generosity in our lives.

Entertainment With Art

Everything is related to “Art” in some or the other form and so is Entertainment which is closely related to “Art”. Art plays a vital role in the entertainment industry and it different types like dance, music, theatre, mime, illusion, magic and others as well. Art is everywhere and we all are surrounded by art. An artistic mind is very creative and has many ideas which lays the foundation to a creative content or performance. 

The ability of mind to think more artistic is developed by indulging more and more into ideas and tricks to make anything look more attractive and the way it conveys the idea behind any spoken concept. Without creativity and art, entertainment content will lack its attractive appearance which gathers more public towards it. The more creative mind the more audience it can gather through creating content more engaging and more interesting.

“Multimedia graphics” is heavily used in “Movies” and “Music Videos” nowadays and you all must have seen this. The Animation and VFX used in the movies are done to make it more interesting and make it more popular among people so that they get attracted towards it. This is also and art technique for creating audience. Is you see the real shot of all the scene you will get to know how beautifully it has been delivered to you by creating a more attractive visual of everything. They take an “Ordinary Shot” and convert it into an “Extraordinary Shot” with their artistic and creative mind.

Graphics used in “Images” also involves a creative and artistic mind which can think and target the audience through engaging music, text and colours used. Visualization of some images are made that way that it attracts the human eyes and brain responds very quickly to it. This is a trick of a creative mind on how to create more people engagement through posting an image. Bloggers and Graphic Designers use this trick to market their product or services to get more audience and create more money through it. 

“Text” and “Infographics” are very popular and social media platforms and you can also sense this when you’re scrolling down you feed but suddenly you see something colourful with some catchy text written on it. Infographics are quite popular in these platforms which provide information with a very interesting graphics used to convey your message. Powerful and catchy text will get more audience to your posts and you can create more fan base through creating and developing content which is more attractive.

That’s how entertainment industry is suing art in different types of entertainment sectors to earn a passive income for them. It is used as a medium to earn money and it is a very good business as more than 70 percent of the population are using social media and other platforms for their entertainment purpose and creative mind has developed an idea to make money by engaging more people into entertainment while they are getting entertained an artistic person is getting paid for entertaining them digitally.

What Is Art And Craft?

“Art And Craft” shows the wide variety of activities which involves the use of hand made items. Art and craft industry involves using of goods which are made up using different materials and putting them together to make a piece of art. This practise started from the 19th century and it is still considered to be one of the growing industries. 

Art and Craft is not and hobby anymore it is treated as a profession and a proper studies and technologies are available for all to educate themselves in this profession. Many people take this as a part time work just to make something interesting using waste materials which is also a good thing. 

“Recycling” of “waste materials” to make something useful whether it may be only for attraction purpose is a better option than throwing it out as a water materials. The best thing about art and craft is that you even use those things which you considered to be as a waste some time ago and make something purposeful out of those waste materials.

We used to see art and craft on some shops, museums and some heritage places but now the industry just got wider and the business idea of art and craft has expanded all over the world. Now you can purchase some art and craft items “online” through some “websites” which are promoting art and craft culture. In this “Digital World” everything is available online and art and craft is not behind in this scene. You can purchase according to your choice without going out and it will be delivered to your door. 

All the generation whether it be children or adults are involved in this art and craft industry and it is loved by all of them. Happiness can be seen on face while making any thing by yourself in anyone’s face. “Art And Craft” is included in the school extra curricular activities to educate all the children about the basics of art and craft. It is a very good thing as the stress of other subjects may be lowered by investing some time on art and craft session, It will lift up the mood of children and it will encourage them to make use of raw materials and waste material to something useful instead of wasting them. Art and  craft will encourage everyone to learn and value things and it will surely develop a more creative and active mind for individuals.

“Art And Craft” is one of the best business models in rest time as many people are no interested in buying handmade goods or recycled goods instead of ready made goods. These goods not only look good and attractive but it promotes an eco-friendly environment as well.

With increased ready made good there is a lot more wastage created by these goods which can be used  to create other items more useful for the people. Practising art and craft and applying it in your daily life will also help you to control wastage of resources and preventing pollution to a certain level.