How Art Promotes Eco Friendly Behaviour?

As we all know that our ecosystem is affected and it is getting worse with every day passing. All the nations are taking measures and remedies to solve this “Global Issue” but it is not enough. We all heard that ozone layer is depleting at a very fast rate and that is why we are experiencing more heat waves every year which is not only affecting our surrounding but the ice is also melting in regions like greenland which is a very big issue. We are aware of all these situations yet we are not giving our full effort to stop this calamity.

Our Environment has given us beautiful rivers, mountains and green lands to live and we are constantly destroying all the beauty of nature. We have to be more aware about the climate changes and changing atmosphere. By developing more and by applying more creative measure to stop this devastation will definitely help our earth to regain its natural beauty.

Art And Craft has been working from a long time promoting and creating eco friendly behaviour. Many artisans and artists have created paintings to address this issue which can be seen in many art galleries. They conveyed this idea through their paintings which became very popular but still there are many people who never understood the real meaning and message behind the paintings. Paintings are very powerful for depicting the current situation on global warming, bright use of colour can attract anyone and you can easily convey your message without even speaking a word.

When we talk about craft we think or raw materials that are used to create a beautiful craft design. But not only this craft uses the waste material which is left while making some other things and craftsmen use them to deliver us a valuable product made up of waste materials and this is how they promote eco friendly behaviour. Pollution created by waste can be controlled by recycling them in making out new and useful products. You just need an artistic mind to see what you can make useful from waste or left behind products.

Art and Craft is now promoting the use of “Digital World” as in the coming time everything will be digital and it is necessary to save our environment from further pollution and degradation. You can see art and crafty online through website and make a purchase online while sitting at home. It is saving your time and effort and your travelling expenses are saved here. You will not burn fuel for going out on purchasing it from somewhere you can buy them sitting at home.

Art and Craft has helped saving our environment and it is still helping in many ways just to promote environment friendly techniques which will save our resources. We all should use eco friendly techniques to save our environment and make it cleaner and more green.

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